"successful in producing a desired or intended result"


We believe that consulting is about creating a partnership. All our consulting services be it technical or strategic involve a deep understanding of our client’s needs and aspirations.


Every organisation is unique. Facing its own challenges with its own goals. Our approach is to clearly understand those challenges and goals to craft effective asset management solutions.


Together we develop solutions that meet objectives in an accountable manner.



All organisations have improvement opportunities that will unlock value. Typically, the approach used to unlock these opportunities is through a traditional waterfall project. However, using a short duration, agile approach, Gaussian has delivered rapid and sustainable results typically over 50, 60 & 100 day periods. 


These are short, sharp focused campaigns focused on specific goals where a motivated cross functional team march towards an outcome day by day with regular accountable reviews.


Every organisation is on its own journey. The role of the assessment is to position the organisation on the map to orientate towards its ultimate destination. Assessments detail how organisations are performing against their strategy. Based on these findings it can trim and adjust its course to meet business objectives and maximize returns.


Gaussian have developed an assessment approach and methodology that creates an end-to-end understanding of an organisation’s Asset Management maturity or compliance.


Gaussian offer a range of predefined assessments and audits within the Asset Management, Reliability and ISO 55001 arenas. Our methodology and tooling is flexible enough to accommodate industry specific and local requirements.



Gaussian has developed a suite of tools which work hand in hand with our Effective Asset Management Delivery modelTM  when making informed business decisions.


These tools include

Pathfinder Assessment (Assessing business performance) -

ISO 55001 Readiness assessment -

Reliability assessment -

Data integrity assessment -

Risk Whiteboard -

Asset Risk Profiler -

RCM Tactic developer -

Asset Contribution Modeling -

Asset Management Initiative Selector -



Often our clients tell us that they have all the systems in place but nobody follows them, and the issue is a people not a process or technology problem.

Gaussian has developed training courses specifically aimed at creating the alignment between skills and competencies and the needs to deliver performance. These courses have been presented around the world and have been honed in the crucible of practical experience.


We offer the following learning paths, both training and coaching:

- Asset Management 

- Work Management

- Risk Based RCM

- Lubrication Engineering

- Focussed Improvement



Effective Asset Management is all about informed decisions made on sound data.


One of the cornerstones of our practice is the goal of enabling our clients to make these informed decisions. Gaussian has developed the tools, competence and capability to efficiently analyse disparate data sets ranging from large ERP’s through to site supervisory and condition management systems. We use the latest technology and in-house tools to integrate and analyse large volumes of data efficiently.


Gaussian understand that the presentation of complex data in a practical and simple manner leads to more effective business focused decisions. We use this understanding to develop and craft business appropriate dashboards meeting the organisations needs.


Typical projects include:

Reviewing detailed financial data to correlate with asset performance data -

Aggregating SCADA and PLC data to create valuable insights on asset - performance  

Taking real time data from SCADA and PLCs to calculate OEEs -

Data mining of truck fleet operational data to identify performance levers -

Modelling and simulating complex operations to identify bottlenecks and - improvement opportunities.